Digital Signature

Class III Digital signature (Individual) with 2 years validity and secure USB token. Individuals can utilize this token for a variety of purposes including MCA, GST, Income Tax, ESI, PF filing, and so on. Courier services are available all over India.
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What is a Digital Signature Certificate?

A digital signature is an electronic, encrypted stamp of authentication on digital information such as messages. Digital signature is affixed on the documents which are submitted electronically. The digital signature confirms the integrity of the document. Digital signatures are stored in encrypted USB drivers and can be accessed only with a password.

DSC is affixed on all the documents which is submitted on Ministry of Company affairs, in addition to this DSC is used for validating Income tax forms, GST returns, E-tendering and for digital signing of various documents.

Pricing Plans

Signature Plan


Class III (Individual)

2 Year Validity

USB Token


Combo Plan


Class III (Individual)

2 Year Validity

USB Token


Summary of Documents Required
Indian Citizen

Individual Certificates

Aadhar card Copy

Address proof Copy (Passport/ Electricity bill)

PAN card Copy

Passport size Photo

Organization Certificates

Authorization Letter

Organizational Proof

Identity Proof

Authorized Signatory Proof

Summary of Documents required
Foreign Individual

Identity Proof

Attested copy of Applicant Passport

Attested copy of VISA (If applicant is out of native country).

Attested copy of Resident Permit certificate (If applicant is in India)

Address Proof

Attested copy of Applicant Passport copy

Attested copy of any other Government issued Address Proof

Benefits of getting
Digital Signature Certificate


When conducting business online, it is useful in validating the individual holder’s personal information detail

Cost and Time

Instead of signing every document on paper, signing digitally saves time and cost.

Data Integrity

Once the digital signature is affixed to a document, it can’t be altered or deleted, which makes the data safe and secure.

Assurance of Documents

Digitally signed documents provide the receiver with the assurance that the signer is genuine. This would eliminate the risk of forgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who issues DSC?
A licensed Certifying Authority (CA) issues the digital signature. Pantasign is our licensed CA that issues digital signature certificates under Section 24 of the Indian IT-Act 2000.
What is the purpose of DSC?
Electronic documents are signed digitally using a Digital Signature Certificate.
If one individual can have 2 digital signature certificates?
Yes, a person may have two or more DSC for business and personal usage.
What is the legal validity of DSC?
Digital signature certificates are valid in India as per the Information Technology Act 2000. DSCs are issued by licenced CAs.

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